About Us


ALUMASA QATAR was established in 2004; ALUMASA QATAR was founded as a provider of quality products and in the process fulfilling the burgeoning demand generated by the aggressive infrastructure development of Qatar.

To keep up with latest requirements and technologies being developed for Qatar’s construction projects, ALUMASA QATAR now consists of several divisions, offer in the latest products and know how available in the world. ALUMASA QATAR established to provide state of the art globally processed products in all sector of Industrial development.

Our Team

We at Alumasa Qatar strongly believe in the ethos of orienting ourselves to the professional & personal aspirations of the Clients and use our consistent & systematic interactions with them, to help them with the most appropriate service that they need.
We are agressive, enthusiastic and looking positive to work as a team.

Our Divisions

  • Aluminium, Steel and Electromechanical Works.
  • Civil Engineering.
  • Trading & Maintenance.
  • Oil Field Supplies.