About Us

Our Values


The vitality of our investments is evident from its impact on the society. We always keep the credibility on the top of our priorities and give it the due importance. This is mani- fested by our style of work, adopted means and the set targets.

Professionalism & Creativity

The continued growth of the projects and companies run by the Group is enhanced by the available expertise, professional work and creative & innovative approaches of its Management and Professionals. This is the major and important element behind our success and excellence.

Clear Vision

Our experience proves that transparency and sound objectives & means that are employed in our projects and visions, provide us a safe shelter under which we work with peace of mind of achieve our ambitions and goals.


Backed by the wealth of seasoned and technical professionals, ALUMASA QATAR is placed at the forefront of companies capable of providing cost effective curtain walling projects using computerized systems to optimize materials usage.

Design & Development

We are capable to manufacture tailor made engineering solutions to the demanding requirements of consultants and clients. We employ fully qualified Engineers & techni- cians and operate Computer Aided Design (CAD) stations and online technology to ensure prompt transfer of Information.